An Inside Look at MMA Fitness

Think of boot camp, throw in some mixed martial arts, mix in some cardio, and finish off with grappling….what am I talking about?  MMA Fitness, a new class offered at Max Fitness in Plainview.  For those of you short on time and big on results, this class may just be what you’ve been waiting for.  The hour-long class is split into two parts.  The first half hour is a high intensity cardio workout using grappling “dummy” weighted bags that you kick, punch, hit, and use to make you work out (and sweat!) a ton.  This part is set up in 5 five-minute sections that each target a specific body part or focus, such as core, arms, or legs.  Each five minute section has five exercises (one minute each), so you won’t be bored.  There is a one minute break in between sections, and then you are right back at it.  The second half hour part of the class is a lesson and practice session in real MMA grappling.  Instructor Rafael Gomez has over 36 years of martial arts experience, so you can be sure you will be able to try out the moves without risking injury.  If you aren’t interested in learning these maneuvers, you can still take the first part of the class.

Interested in seeing more?  Below are some videos that will give you a snapshot of the class, including some absolute beginner participant’s thoughts.

Part One: Cardio Intensive

A snippet of each exercise within the 5 minute sections are shown.

Part Two: Grappling

Take a look at Instructor Rafael’s tips and see the class try each move.

For more information about MMA Fitness, including a class schedule, click here.

To find out what other classes Max Fitness has to offer, see videos of classes, see a class schedule, or read testimonials, view their website. You may remember our review of the popular cardio-kickboxing class as well, which you can read here.

Max Fitness, 1530 Old Country Road, Plainview, 516-694-1530 

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